Psyched for Spring

Priorities for Your Home this Spring

1.Deep Clean – Just do it! From the fridge to the cabinets to the windows- its a perfect time to really give everything a thorough clean. It’s great exercise, it makes us feel good to have a sanitized and organized home. It helps us throw out or donate un-used and old items.
2. Keep your homes air quality in check. Change your your furnace filters – Besides helping to keep your system running efficiently. It also helps prevent dust and dander from blowing around your home through your ventilation. If your basement has a moldy or musty feel or smell to it a simple fix is to prevent moisture with a Dehumidifier. A professional dehumidifier can be installed and helps to pull moisture from the air. This can definitely improve the air quality and damp musty feeling in your basement.
3. Check for water issues around your home BEFORE IT RAINS! Making sure that water is diverted away from your home before ground water or hydrostatic pressure from heavy rains affects your home is very important. Clean your gutters and make sure you have extenders moving water away from your foundation. If you have a sump pump make sure it is working properly, have the system checked or pump replaced if it is old. A sump pump has a battery life to it and the last thing you want is dying during a rainstorm. Have any cracks in your foundation looked at and repaired, as foundation cracks that leak water can cause harm over time.