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Before and After Sump Pump Maintenance. Drycrete Waterproofing

Schedule Annual Maintenance

How often do you think about your sump pump? If it is working well, hopefully not often. Sump pumps are designed to stay in the background and keep humming along protecting your home from getting water. With proper maintenance, they will do just that and be a workhorse that provides peace of mind. 

Sump pumps are typically tied into a drainage system or they stand alone submerged at a low point of a home where water enters. The average-sized pumps today are designed to pump approximately 1800 gallons of water per hour; larger pumps can handle 3000 gallons per hour or even more.

Dirt, sediment, and waste build-up in your sump pump system can cause expensive problems, such as flooding, water seepage, and even cracked foundation walls if not addressed in a timely manner. A sump pump that needs maintenance often causes a noticeable increase in energy bills and is at risk of total failure.

To help you avoid these headaches and their inherent expenses, Drycrete Waterproofing offers an annual maintenance program. Simply put: your waterproofing systems need to be maintained in the same way you service your car.


What Does the Annual Maintenance Consist Of?

Our maintenance program includes an annual visit to your home. During this check up, we will perform the following:

  • Check the operation of the sump pump (i.e., float switch, intake, check valve, and impeller)
  • Clean silt and sediment from the sump liner
  • Change the batteries of your sump pump alarm
  • Make sure the discharge line is free of problems
  • Inspect the basement or crawl space for signs of damage

At the time of inspection, we will make recommendations, repair damages, clean your pump and pit, and ensure everything is working properly.

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What Is the Best Time to Schedule Annual Maintenance?

We highly recommend you schedule your annual maintenance in late winter or early spring. Having your sump pump in tip-top order will help it manage the heavy workload when the snow melts.

Drycrete Can Help You

All waterproofing contractors and waterproofing system manufacturers agree that best practices include that you schedule annual maintenance of your sump pump and drainage systems. Drycrete offers maintenance for any brand of sump pump and drainage system. Take advantage of our economical one-time maintenance inspection or sign up for our annual maintenance plan. You can be sure that Drycrete will keep your basement dry and protected all year long. 

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