3 Issues with DIY Foundation Repair Kits

The foundation is one of the most important parts of your home. It’s the very base your home is built on and ultimately the piece that keeps your structure steady. Foundations act as a support that help with ground insulation, keeping moisture outside, preventing insects from taking over, resisting movement of the earth, and providing stability and support. 

Without a solid foundation, your home could quickly become unsafe. Many people turn to DIY foundation repair kits when they notice a problem or a crack. While these kits might provide a short-term solution, they are not ideal to repair block foundations long-term. 

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Proper Foundation Crack Repair is Crucial 

A cracked foundation is often the first sign of a much bigger problem. If you don’t address the cracks properly, you could experience serious structural damage. Even when a crack appears, it might be a sign that serious damage is already occurring. 

When your home has a crack in the foundation, this becomes a major concern. It’s likely to reduce your home’s overall value. Why is the value reduced? Basically, it’s because stability is no longer guaranteed. 

When cracks are noticed, they absolutely must be corrected properly, which means bringing in a professional. 

3 Major Issues with DIY Crack Repair Kits

At the outset, those DIY crack repair kits aren’t necessarily a bad thing. However, they are also not a long-term solution. They might provide you intermittent support for the crack until you can get it professionally repaired. 

We highly recommend that you don’t count on this as the ultimate solution, though. Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t. 

1. Proper Resin Application

When resin is applied to the foundation, there is a right way to do it. Only those trained to apply it right can understand getting just the right amount of resin. If you get too much resin, it may not be effective or may look bad when it dries. 

If you apply too little resin, it might not adequately seal the cracks that you’re trying to repair. It can be very challenging to really know if you’ve applied the right amount or not. You see, you just get the container of resin. Your cracks could vary in depth or overall size. Resin is clear, so how can you tell you truly got that crack filled correctly?

2. NOT a Permanent Fix!

These kits might provide a short-term tool to help support your foundation, but remember that they are certainly not a permanent fix. 

It might appear to be working for a while. But what if your home is still experiencing structural damage and you just can’t see it now? Using a professional to get a real solution for the long term is your best bet.

3. There are Problems with the Crack Repair Kits Themselves

Finally, one major issue could just be the kit that you buy in general. Technically speaking, these kits don’t have a long shelf life. But the one that you pick up could have been on the shelf too long. This means you have bad product from the beginning. Getting a package of expired epoxy isn’t going to be helpful. 

Every repair kit is made differently, which means some of them might have different compounds than others. How do you know that the compound you decide on is actually going to be effective for your needs? Before choosing a compound, you really need to know exactly what your foundation requires. 

It’s far too easy to just grab a DIY foundation repair kit as if they are a one-size-fits-all solution. But the truth is that your foundation is unique. The kit that you pick up from your local store might not be suitable for the state of your foundation or basement. 

And as far as the kits themselves, they don’t last very long. This solution might tide you over for a year or two, but most of the time, these materials will begin to fail within just a few years. 

Why You Need Professional Foundation Crack Repair

This is about the very foundation of your home. If the foundation isn’t stable, nothing else in your home will be, and eventually the foundation will fail. It’s simply not worth the risk of not getting it right! 

Many people attempt DIY repairs because they think it will save them money and be more convenient . But in the long run, the most effective repairs are the ones that are diagnosed and carried out correctly—and that is where professionals shine. 

Using a professional means you have a trained and experienced team that can pinpoint exactly what your problem is and the best solution to fix it. They can thoroughly inspect the area and provide a proper diagnosis and a repair that will last.

And speaking of cost, the truth is an average full crack repair employs one highly trained technician using specialized products that takes about three hours and costs $800.00. This reasonable cost, plus the convenience of letting someone else do the job makes professional help a no brainer.

In the long run, using a professional will likely save you both time and money.

Let Drycrete Help with Your Block Foundation Repair

We have been serving the foundation repair industry for more than 30 years. We have the skills, training, and equipment to help you properly repair your foundation and return stability to your home for the long term. 

If you’ve noticed cracks or have concerns about your foundation, contact Drycrete Waterproofing today.