Foundation Wall Crack Repair
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Don't Let Smaller Fixes Turn Into Costly Renovations

DRY-SEAL 5000® Flexible Resins effectively penetrate cracks, pores and capillary cracks to stop leaks and repair damaged concrete.

Our system is so foolproof, we can confidently provide guaranteed repairs for as long as you own your home. DRY-SEAL 5000® Flexible is durable and will resist cracking or pulling apart due to foundation shifts and thermal cycles (freeze/thaw, wet/dry).

Applications for DRY-SEAL 5000® Flexible Resins Include:

  • Walls and floor cracks
  • Tie rods
  • Sewer pipes
  • Bulkhead repairs
  • Window wells
  • Swimming pools
  • Patios and driveways
  • Bridges
  • Garages and more

Discover the benefits of DRY-SEAL 5000® Flexible Resins

  • DRY-SEAL 5000® Flexible Resins provide permanent repairs to leaking, cracked concrete foundations in residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • DRY-SEAL 5000® Flexible Resins are two-component fast reacting high tensile strength prepolymer elastomers. These thermosetting flexible resins adhere to the concrete surface, fill all voids and form a unique, custom-fit seal through the entire wall thickness
  • When pressure injected into a crack, DRY-SEAL 5000® Flexible Resins penetrate the full wall thickness as thin liquids, filling the main crack and any capillary cracks, voids or pores and creating a permanent custom-fit watertight comprssion seal
  • Our repairs have proven effective in stopping all types of water leaks through concrete, masonry and even steel

Effective adhesion to concrete in all temperatures

DRY-SEAL 5000® has great adhesion to concrete, mechanically anchors into voids, and forms a flexible, custom-fit compression seal through the entire wall thickness which resists both freeze/thaw and wet/dry cycles.

Cracked concrete walls are not usually considered a structural problem. For cracked concrete of a non-structural nature, the low flexibility of epoxy repairs can lead to parallel cracking of the concrete when movement occurs. DRY-SEAL 5000® Flexible Resins withstand movement in concrete due to their flexibility, thus causing no new cracks. For structural concrete problems, CRACK-WELD™ epoxy injection system is the preferred method of repair. CRACK-WELD™ is also available in flexible and water in-sensitive forms.

Weigh DRY-SEAL 5000® against comparable products

Additional benefits of choosing DRY-SEAL 5000® resins

Proven Track Record: Our system is the result of over 30 years of extensive research, development and experience. Our reputation speaks for itself!

Maintains Your Investment: Investing in a repair that leads to future repairs doesn't make sense. Spend your money wisely, spend it once and spend it confident that the job is done right. DRY-SEAL 5000® guarantees it!

Quick and Effective Solution: Even moving ground water does not undermine the effectiveness of DRY-SEAL 5000® Flexible Resins, which are formulated to react directly with water. Rapid cure time eliminates the need to pre-dry surfaces, ensuring effective bonding despite the presence of moisture.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction: We take personal pride in delivering quality work and professional service. We know customer satisfaction guarantees our success.

Eliminates Costly Landscaping: We repair foundations from the INSIDE, avoiding the need for heavy equipment and eliminating the expense and inconvenience of disturbing your landscaping.

Environmentally Friendly: DRY-SEAL 5000® Flexible Resins have been EPA approved and will not contaminate ground water sources - unlike free, unreacted epoxies. Investing in DRY-SEAL 5000® Flexible Resins allow you to remain environmentally friendly.