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Concrete Waterproofing Services

Concrete is one of the strongest foundations. Many people have it poured thinking it will last forever. Unfortunately, the truth is that even concrete doesn’t live forever. Over time, the elements, age, and general use can wear down concrete. 

Just like any other material, your concrete is likely to need to be maintained or even repaired at some point. Whether you are in need of concrete repairs or replacement, if you’d like new concrete poured, Drycrete Waterproofing is here to help! 

Take a look at some of these common concrete services, and give us a call when you need something done.

Concrete Services Offered by Drycrete:

  • Concrete foundation slab
  • Basement floor
  • Garage floor
  • Concrete demo and install
  • Patios and driveways
  • Concrete Patios
  • Concrete pads and landings
  • Driveways
  • Concrete waterproofing

Concrete Foundation Slab

When your concrete slab starts to drop or shows signs of cracking or other faults, you need to take action. Repairs for slabs follow a specific process to drill into the concrete and inject a substance to jack it back up.
Mudjacking is another common method for slab repair. Our teams can help with your concrete foundation slab, regardless of where it is. If you’ve noticed cracked or sinking concrete in Massachusetts, Drycrete Waterproofing can assist.

Basement Floor

Cracks in the basement floor are no joke. They can compromise the stability of your structure and allow moisture to come up through the floor. The structure of your basement floors and walls relies on stability, with no cracks or holes that can lead to bigger problems.

It’s important to utilize a strong system to reinforce the structure and make repairs to the basement floor or walls to prevent further damage from occurring.

Garage Floor

Tired of parking your car outside in the elements? It’s time to add a garage! We can help lay the perfect slab for your garage floor. Whether you’re looking for something small and simple or you want to go all out with a 4-car garage, look no further!

Concrete Demo and Install

When concrete starts to fail, your home is at risk. At times, it may be necessary to completely demolish the old and install new concrete rather than make repairs. This will depend on the floor and what type of damage there is. In some cases, this provides a sturdy foundation for new construction.

Demolition is used to remove any existing concrete and clear the space for a fresh layer. Then, new concrete is installed. Drycrete Waterproofing works to ensure that the new concrete is stable and level when installed.

Concrete Pads and Landings

Considering adding a back patio? Perhaps you want a landing for an outdoor gazebo or another space on your property. One service that we offer in Massachusetts is concrete pads and landings.

This is a designated area where we pour concrete and level it out according to your specifications. In most cases, you have plans for that pad, whether it be a basketball court, gazebo space, or something else entirely.

Concrete Patios

Many people choose to add patios outside their home with concrete. The reason concrete is a popular choice is because it is long-lasting and easy to work with. It’s generally more affordable than some of the other materials out there.

You can customize concrete in a variety of ways. We lay the foundation for your patio and then you can create a cozy space to sit back and relax on. Bring your patio dreams to life with concrete services.

Concrete Driveways

Gravel and asphalt driveways each have their benefits. You have several different options to choose from when it comes to having a driveway put down. Have you considered concrete?

Concrete works well because it is durable. Whether you’re parking cars on it or using it to play hopscotch, you’ve got a great space. Concrete driveways are eco-friendly, easy to take care of, and exceptionally strong.

Concrete Waterproofing Services

While concrete is known for being strong and long-lasting, it can sometimes have problems related to moisture because it is a porous material. However, there are moisture control options that can protect your concrete surface and keep the moisture out.

Whether you need to seal the concrete to prevent moisture in the porous surface or you need a moisture control system in place, we’ve got you covered. Drycrete Waterproofing can help to reduce stagnant air, control water or moisture, and protect your home.

Take Advantage of Drycrete Waterproofing’s Long-Lasting and Fairly Priced Concrete Repair

Drycrete Waterproofing serves the state of Massachusetts with concrete services. Our teams have more than 30 years of experience working with concrete repair and more. We are a full-service basement waterproofing contractor, dedicated to helping you with your concrete needs. If you need concrete services like any of the ones we’ve mentioned here, give us a call. Drycrete Waterproofing takes great pride in providing high-quality services to care for your concrete needs.

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