Frequently Asked Questions


A basement drain system is an internal drain system designed to prevent and control ground water that is actively seeping through or penetrating basement walls and floors. The system is designed with a trench, stone and perforated pipe running along the perimeter of the problem areas. The system is pitched and designed to channel the water into a large perforated container encompassing a sump pump. The sump pump then ejects the water from the house through a pipe that leads to the exterior. This process is the most effective method of preventing ground water from entering your walls and floor and ensuring a dry basement.
Hydrostatic pressure is the force produced when ground water under the basement of a home or building pushes upwards against the concrete floor slab. Hydrostatic pressure is a major cause of basement water seepage and issues.
If you have water in more than one location in the basement, a full or partial drain system will provide more coverage and protection against water intrusion. A sump pump will only capture and eject water from the location it is installed in.
No pumps can be very different in quality and function. Drycrete uses the highest quality pumps as it is an imperative component of the success of our internal drain system. Sump pumps are constantly working and submerged in water and it is vital that they be high quality and powerful enough to eject the water. Our Premium Pump is a 3/4 Horsepower submersible stainless steel and cast iron pump with an independent float switch and built in check valve. These pumps are made with materials that can hold up being constantly submerged in water. The higher quality float switch ensures that it will activate at the level necessary for your water situation.
NO, all of our work is done by our highly trained and experienced employees. We do not sub-contract our projects.
YES All our sump pumps have a 5 year warranty. Our drain systems a lifetime transferrable warranty. We guarantee that your system will not fail due to improper installation or material fail. If it does, we’ll promptly correct the issue. *We offer a 10-year warranty on crack-injections

On a typical install day, you can expect our full team and project manager to arrive between 7:00 and 8:00 AM. Set up will take about 30 minutes and our project manager will review the job with the home owner or property manager. On average internal drain jobs will have 2-3 dump trucks and 6-7 expert technicians with a goal of efficiency and productivity.
This will vary from project to project and our goal is to ensure the highest level of productivity along with quality. We strive to minimize the disruption to our customers and using innovative processes and highly trained technicians be the most efficient company possible.
> On average repairing a foundation crack that is 8 feet in length would take 2-4 hours per crack.
> A new sump pump installation involves jack hammering the floor and installing a 20 gallon perforated container surrounded by crushed stone. Once the pump and bolt down lid are installed a discharge pipe is core drilled to the exterior and trenched along the outside of the home. A new sump pump installation typically takes 2-3 hours.
> A basement drain system varies largely based on the size and scope of the job but can be anywhere from half of a day to several days.
> A slab removal or basement lowering is a longer job that typically lasts anywhere from 3 days to one week
We accept check, debit and credit cards. A 3% processing fee will be added to charges over $2000 when paying with a credit card. This is a fee charged by the credit card company that we have to pass on to the customer.
Providing our crew with 4-6 feet of clearance around the permitter of the basement is required. This includes washing machines and clothes dryers. Any personal items or valuables should be removed or covered to protect from dust and dirt. Lastly get excited to have a dry basement and say goodbye to that annoying water!
The nature of the work does often create some dust during the mixing and pouring of concrete, the installation of crushed stone and other aspects of the process. We understand this is a valid concern to homeowners and we take all precautions to minimize the effects of dust and dirt during this process. We have innovative equipment that will assist in minimizing dust, such as air scrubbers, plastic containment and hepa filter vacuuming.
In the event of a power outage, a battery back up system will ensure that the sump pump continues to operate and remove water from the home. In New England we are prone to Nor Easters and storms that bring heavy precipitation and also high winds. During these periods many homes and areas will suffer Our industry leading battery back up systems also come with a back up sump pump and wifi monitoring.
Foundation wall cracks that run vertically top to bottom are not unusual in homes in New England and are typically the result of foundation settlement. Over time these cracks can expand. We strongly recommend injecting cracks that are leaking any amount of water. Over time these cracks will leak more and more water and may penetrate your basement walls.
Over the past 10 years we have successfully installed over 4000 basement drain systems. Our process and design takes more time, labor and materials and results in a better outcome. This is why we are able to offer our lifetime warranty.

At Drycrete we start by using a jack hammer to create the perimeter trench. The reason for jack hammering instead of saw cutting the trench is that the concrete will bond better to the existing floor if there is a rough edge vs a clean cut line. Once the concrete is removed the trenches are dug roughly 10-18” deep, varying in depth to pitch water towards the sump pump container location and ensure we capture the full amount of water. Once the trenches are dug, 3/4” washed stone is installed as a base approximately 2-4” thick. Then a 4” perforated triple wall PVC pipe with perforated holes is installed pitching towards the sump pump container. Polydrain DryCove lower wall wrap is installed after the perforated pipe and before additional 3/4” stone is installed over the pipe. Before re-pouring the concrete it is important to go around and stamp down the 3/4” stone to ensure there are no voids or gaps around the trench. Fresh concrete is then mixed and poured on site in the basement. We pour roughly 3” thick concrete over the open existing trench, pipe and crushed stone and against the dry cover lower wrap. Initially the concrete is going to look like a dark charcoal color but overtime it will cure and blend with the existing floor.
We do offer an annual maintenance plan, which we recommend for all of our customers who have sump pumps in order to prolong the life of your pump and system. Please call the office for more details. Our maintenance program includes an annual visit to your home. This will help to extend the life of your basement waterproofing system as well as give you peace of mind. During this check up we will perform any repairs or maintenance necessary, fully clean your pump and pit, run a check of your system and ensure everything is working properly.
External systems are not a guaranteed solution to ground water intrusion. Drycrete can install a dry-well on the exterior of your house as well as bury and trench your exterior connection to your sump pump if necessary. We do not install french drain trenches on the exterior of a house as we can not warranty them. We can not control factors like ground, soils, and exterior landscape that will change over time.
There are no guaranteed reliable products available that can seal a foundation and prevent water entry long term. The force of the water pressure under the floor is much greater than any “sealing” products and will not stand the test of time.
Yes. The addition of antimicrobial plastic wall wrap vapor barrier will help control and divert water seepage from walls.
No. We are a proud and privately owned and operated company. We believe in the highest quality and standards and our outstanding customer reviews support this.
Don’t ask us…. Ask our 400 Customers that took the time to write us amazing reviews. Read about their stories and our history of success. For over 10 years we have helped more than 4000 people Love Their Basements!