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Sump Pump Installation Process

The sump pump installation process involves breaking open the basement floor and digging down approximately 2 1/2 feet. Then we remove concrete, dirt and debris, install 3/4 inch clean stone with a perforated 20 gallon container with a bolt down cover and re-concrete around the container to the existing floor. We specialize in battery back up sump pump systems and highly recommend using a dual pump. Our high quality dual pump systems are made of stainless steel and cast iron material and are comprised of a 3/4 horsepower main pump and 1/2 horsepower secondary pump. These pumps can be monitored remotely using wifi.

Worry-Free Monitoring With PumpSpy

PumpSpy Technology is a unique solution that automatically monitors your sump pump system remotely, 24 hours a day. The PumpSpy system installed in your home monitors your sump pump, backup pump and battery system and transmits data to PumpSpy’s monitoring system. The monitoring system constantly records and analyzes this data to make sure your system is working properly.

The PumpSpy remote monitoring network remotely monitors your system with its built-in cellular data connection. Your system is automatically tested 3 times a week and if service is required, it will notify you. PumpSpy compares incoming data to your recorded data to detect preventative maintenance for your system, before a problem occurs. You can receive PumpSpy messages via text message, email or the PumpSpy app on your smartphone.

Check Anywhere, Anytime
Check your sump pumps anywhere from any device

See your Stats
See gallons pumped, pump cycles and other performance data. With time, PumpSpy learns your home’s routine

Receive instant text alerts in times of power failure or abnormal conditions

Peace of Mind
You’ll always know your PumpSpy system is working so you can leave worry behind

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