Whole Home Dehumidifier Services in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Humidity levels should be carefully balanced to maintain ideal air quality. Both too much humidity and too little humidity can have negative effects on you and your home. If you want to maintain perfect humidity levels call Drycrete Waterproofing. Our techs are experienced in a wide array of dehumidifier services such as installing, repairing, and maintaining whole house dehumidifiers, so give us a call today for a free assessment.

Why do I need a dehumidifier?

Humidity is not only uncomfortable for you. Your home suffers too. High humidity can foster mold growth, damage wood structures, and promote dust mite activity. The ideal indoor humidity level for a home generally falls within the range of 30% to 50%.
High humidity levels can wreak havoc on your home, your health, and your wallet. When we think about humid basements we think of musty moist environments, but there’s more to it than that:
Mold and Mildew Growth
Humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air. High humidity levels mean high moisture levels. Mold and mildew thrive in moist, warm environments with poor air circulation, such as basements. Mold and mildew can pose serious health concerns so addressing moisture with a dehumidifier can help reduce your risks.
Damage To Your Home
High moisture levels damage your home. Wood structures such as walls, furniture, and floors can absorb the excess moisture and lead to swelling, warping, and eventual rot. Humidity can also cause blistering/peeling paint and loose wallpaper.
Pest Infestation
Insects, such as termites and cockroaches, thrive in humid environments. High humidity can attract and support pest infestations, leading to potential damage to your home’s structure and creating an unhealthy living environment.
Musty Odors
Everybody knows the musty basement odor. Lingering humidity in areas with poor ventilation allows moisture to accumulate, and typically indicates the presence of mold and mildew.
HVAC Strain:
High humidity can make your air conditioning system work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, leading to increased energy consumption and higher utility bills.

Whole home dehumidifiers vs portable dehumidifiers

Whole-home dehumidifiers and portable dehumidifiers serve the same basic purpose of reducing indoor humidity levels, but they differ significantly in their capacity, coverage area, installation, and overall effectiveness.
Capacity and Coverage
Whole home dehumidifiers have a higher capacity and can remove significantly more moisture from the air. As the name suggests they are designed to dehumidify multiple rooms simultaneously whereas portable dehumidifiers work well in specific areas.
Whole home dehumidifiers require professional installation and can be integrated into an existing HVAC system. It’s important to install them perfectly level and ensure water is always draining away from the system. Portable dehumidifiers require minimal setup and can be moved around the house as needed.
Whole home dehumidifiers are easy to maintain once installed. They can be hooked up to a condensate pump or drained into a sump pump or French drain, so you never have to empty the water. AprilAire dehumidifiers come with a filter that should be cleaned every 6 months and last the life of the system. Portable dehumidifiers generally have a collection tank that needs to be emptied regularly, however, some have continuous drainage.
Whole home dehumidifiers are typically more expensive to purchase and install compared to portable dehumidifiers. However, they provide comprehensive humidity control for the entire house, which can be more cost-effective in the long run, especially for larger homes or areas with consistently high humidity levels.

Additional Dehumidifier Services:

Need dehumidifier services in Massachusetts and Rhode Island?

Proper humidity levels in your home can make a big difference in air quality and safety of your home. Having a whole home dehumidifier installed will give you peace of mind that your home is free of excess moisture, mold, and mildew. If you suspect your home suffers from high humidity levels in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, then call Drycrete Waterproofing to book your free on-site assessment.

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