Basement Window Well Installation in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Window wells are a common cause of leaky basement windows. At their best, basement windows are a source of natural light and an emergency exit for your basement. At their worst, they’re a constant source of pooling and leaking water. Proper window well installation is pivotal in ensuring your basement stays dry.

Common Window Well Issues:

Improper Installation
This can include incorrect placement, insufficient attachment to the foundation, and improper grading around the well.
Incorrect Window Well Sizing
Incorrect window well sizing can cause inadequate coverage and insufficient clearance for waterproofing measures.
Poor Drainage
Insufficient drainage can lead to water accumulation in the window well, increasing the risk of leaks, water infiltration, or damage to the foundation.
Debris Buildup
When debris collects in the well, it can block drainage systems, impede proper water flow, and attract pests.

Professional Basement Window Well Installation Process

Professional window well installation can make the difference between a leaky basement window and a dry well-lit basement. If your basement window begins leaking it can lead to a slew of additional problems caused by moisture in your home. At Drycrete, our team takes careful consideration on each step of the install process.
Step 1: Excavate the area.
We’ll excavate the soil along your exterior foundation wall. If there is an existing window well, we’ll remove that and haul it away. We’ll usually dig down around 2 feet deep leaving plenty of room for crushed stone while leaving 6 to 8 inches of your foundation exposed beneath your basement window.
Step 2: Foundation wall preparation
We’ll clean the foundation wall surface where the window well will be attached. Ensure it is free of debris, dirt, and any loose materials. Repair or address any existing issues or damage to the foundation wall before proceeding with the installation.
Step 3: Place window well and attach it to the foundation
Next, we position the window well in the excavated hole, ensuring it is level and properly aligned with the window opening, and securely attach it to the foundation.
Step 4: Backfilling and Grading
We’ll fill the hole with around 12 inches of crushed stone. Then we backfill the area around the window well with compacted soil or more crushed stone. Finally we’ll grade the soil around the window well to facilitate water drainage and prevent water accumulation around the well.
Step 5: Install a Cover
The last step is to install a cover over the window well. Although we’ve created excellent drainage in the window well, keeping as much water as possible from entering the well goes a long way in preventing future leaks.

Professional Window Well Egress Installation

At Drycrete Waterproofing, we provide top-quality window well egress installation services to homeowners across Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our team of skilled professionals understands the importance of safety, natural light, and peace of mind that a properly installed window well egress can bring to your home.

Why Choose Window Well Egress?

Window well egress provides a safe and easily accessible escape route from your basement in case of emergencies, ensuring the well-being of your family.
Natural Light
Increase the amount of natural light entering your basement, transforming it into a more comfortable and inviting space.
Home Value
A professionally installed window well egress can add value to your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Why choose Drycrete Waterproofing?

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