3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Concrete Patio

Now that summer is coming to an end, homeowners are looking around at their yards and patios and considering functionality as a whole. One question you might be asking is whether the patio area functions adequately for how it’s used. Does it fit the rest of the aesthetic design? Has it seen better days? Could it benefit from an upgrade? 

If you’re asking these questions or even wishing you don’t have to say goodbye to your patio as the weather changes, this guide is for you. Check out these three reasons you might want to consider upgrading your concrete patio. 

1. Concrete is Popular for Patio Upgrades

You could easily go spend a lot of money on a patio upgrade, but the first place to start is the foundation. Using concrete could make your upgrade more affordable and still give you a solid foundation to stand on. 

These are a few reasons concrete is so popular. 

It’s Affordable

Concrete is inexpensive compared to many other materials out there. You can do whatever you want and still save yourself some money by using concrete as the foundation for your setup. 

It’s Expandable

If you think you know how much space you need, that’s great! But who’s to say next year or five years from now you won’t change your mind? Concrete is easy to add on to. You can expand without any issues when the need arises. 

It’s Durable

Concrete is a hard surface that is easy to maintain, making it a popular choice where durability is concerned. Think about it: even commercial facilities use concrete floors for durability and simplicity. 

It Resists Dirt & Debris

Concrete is easy to keep clean. While it is a porous material, it doesn’t have cracks and patterns that accumulate dirt and debris. For that, you can easily keep dirt and debris at bay! 

2. Concrete Comes in Many Designer Options

If your argument against concrete is that you don’t want boring gray, think again! Concrete is customizable and there are many ways to spruce it up or design it in some way. 

Here are a few:

  • Concrete can be shaped easily
  • Concrete has versatility for inspiration
  • Concrete can be painted, stained, textured, etc. 
  • Concrete can be dyed and stamped

No boring concrete here! 

3. Concrete is a Highly Sustainable Material

Concrete lasts for many years. Since you don’t have to maintain it regularly or add solvents and chemicals to it, that makes it environmentally friendly. You won’t be stuck making repairs or changes all the time, and maintenance is almost unnecessary. 

These are some qualities that make your concrete patio sustainable:

  • Energy efficiency: heat and cool can both be held in, and concrete can be reflective to lights. 
  • Recyclable Material: concrete comes from recycled materials in a creative compound. In addition, it can be recycled and crushed to be used again. 
  • Zero Emissions: concrete will never emit anything back into the air. That means there are no pollution concerns now or in the future from the concrete. 

Let Drycrete Help Upgrade Your Patio

When it comes to concrete, we have the experience and expertise you need. Drycrete Waterproofing has been working with concrete in many capacities for more than 30 years. We’d love to help with your upgrade to a concrete patio. Contact us today to learn more.