How Does a Moisture Control System Help Waterproof

Moisture control in your home is vital for a number of reasons. When there is excess moisture, you can experience water damage, mold, and even structural concerns on the property. Taking action to control moisture will go a long way in managing unwanted dampness as well as humidity. 

One way to waterproof your home or basement is to invest in a moisture control system. A dehumidifier might be the ideal solution. In this guide, we will share just how this type of system can help with waterproofing. 

What is a Dehumidifier? 

A dehumidifier, or moisture control system, is an appliance that removes excess moisture and humidity from the air. The machine pulls in moisture from the air and condenses that moisture and turns it into liquid within the machine. 

By doing this, the moisture is no longer in the air to risk leading to water damage problems. You’re removing excessive moisture and humidity that could cause damage to your surroundings. 

Signs Your Basement Needs a Moisture Control System

You likely know what humidity feels like. You probably even recognize it in your home. There is just something about that dampness in the air that can make a person feel uncomfortable. 

Professionally speaking, homes are their best at less than 30% humidity. However, anything over 50% is when you need to take specific action to prevent problems. These simple signs can help you identify when there is too much moisture present:

  • Musty or damp odors in the air
  • Noticing rust on materials that are safely stored
  • An excess of bugs and pests showing up
  • Signs of water damage (warping, cracking, peeling, etc.)
  • Feeling cold and clammy but also warm at the same time

If any of these sound like your home or business, it’s likely time to consider a moisture control system (dehumidifier). 

The Benefits of a Basement Moisture Control System

There are several benefits to consider. First of all, you are protecting your home or structure. At the same time, you’re also making it more comfortable to be in. Take a look at these benefits! 

No Mold or Mildew

Mold and mildew can be a major problem. Having a damp basement or excessive humidity will welcome them to take over if you aren’t careful. Controlling that moisture will reduce the likelihood of dealing with mold and mildew. 

Air Quality

The air you breathe is affected by moisture. Moisture tends to increase things like allergies or asthma. When you use a moisture control system, it helps reduce those allergens to keep you breathing better air. 

Reduced Damages to Property

Your items that are stored can be impacted over time by moisture. Your home and structure can also be affected. Items might start to show signs of water damage or even rust. Your structure could begin to show signs of corrosion, rust, water damage, and wearing down. 

Drycrete Can Help You Keep Your Basement Dry with a Moisture Control System

Before you run out and grab a dehumidifier, check with the experts to find the perfect system to use. Drycrete Waterproofing has been serving the waterproofing industry for more than 30 years. Our moisture control systems are energy-efficient and incredibly effective at keeping moisture at bay. 

Contact us today to discuss your waterproofing solutions.