Preventing Basement Flooding with Foundation Wall Wraps

In Boston and the surrounding areas, we see a lot of rainfall. Rainfall can often lead to water in the basement, but you can take action to help prevent that from happening. Protecting your basement from water damage does more than just keep the basement dry. It protects the foundation of your home and the health of the household, too. One great way to waterproof is by using a foundation wall wrap. These wraps use a flexible membrane to seal the walls and prevent moisture from seeping in through the walls or the floors. It’s a simple but reliable way to keep the basement dry. 

In this guide, we will explore what a foundation wall wrap is and how it can help prevent basement flooding. 

What is a Foundation Wall Wrap? 

A foundation wall wrap is a specialized barrier designed to go against or around the floors and walls of your basement to create a defense against water damage. In most cases, you can wrap the interior, but there are some solutions that wrap the exterior of your property too. At Drycrete, we use Flexi-Seal. This 14mm antimicrobial, flexible membrane is a moisture and vapor barrier. It stops moisture from getting in, seals out vapor, and lasts for a lifetime. Foundation wall wrap materials like this are flexible so you can install them exactly as needed to best fit the basement and floor to provide a layer that is truly secure. 

What Are the Benefits of a Foundation Wall Wrap? 

There are several benefits to using this type of waterproofing approach. These are the main benefits:

  • Prevents water damage
  • Protects structural integrity
  • Avoids health issues
  • Reduces maintenance costs

Prevent Water Damage

This flexible and membranous material goes completely around the vulnerable surfaces. It can wrap around the walls or across the floor, adding a protective layer that will stop water from coming in at all. This prevents seepage, leaks, and other forms of water infiltration. 

Protect Structural Integrity

When water comes into the basement, it can wreak absolute havoc. It will not only damage your belongings, but over time, will also cause damage to the structure and foundation. It’s incredibly important to protect your structure by using waterproofing solutions. 

Avoid Health Issues

Water coming inside a structure can easily cause mold and mildew. Mold and mildew exposure can cause allergies, asthma, respiratory ailments, and even skin issues. You may not be able to see mold or mildew right away, but the side effects are still there. 

Reduce Maintenance Costs

When you wrap the basement to protect it, you reduce the likelihood of flooding, cleanup, and wall cracks. It’s a defense method against damages that could lead to higher costs and maintenance requirements. 

How Does a Foundation Wall Wrap Work?

Our wrap is made up of a membranous material. The wrap goes around the walls, or can be placed beneath new concrete floors when they are laid. The membrane is a 14mm antimicrobial barrier that is placed and sealed against the surface. The bright white finish looks good and reminds you that your basement is protected. The wrap layer is a barrier so when moisture or vapor hits it, it is redirected elsewhere outside of the home. This prevents moisture from seeping into the basement and causing damage. 

How is the Foundation Wall Wrap Installed? 

Foundation wall wrap materials should always be installed by a professional who has experience and training with these materials. When installing Flexi-Seal, we work along the walls or the floors, depending on your home’s needs. The seal can go around anything in the space and is left in one piece, aside from cutouts where required. 

In most cases, a specialty tape and fasteners are used to place the wrap and secure it to the concrete surfaces. The material is placed, secured, and then sealed to ensure you get the ultimate protection to keep your basement dry! 

Foundation Wall Wrap: Contact Drycrete Waterproofing for a Free Quote

Every home’s waterproofing needs are different, but foundation wall wraps can be used on most basements or crawl spaces. A professional should install any wall wrap to ensure it is done properly and to truly protect your home’s basement and foundation. Drycrete has been serving the waterproofing industry for more than 30 years. We believe in providing high-quality solutions to our clients that are tailored to their needs. 

Contact us today to get a free quote for your basement waterproofing needs. From foundation wall wraps to other solutions, we can help you create the perfect plan for your basement.