The Benefits of a Basement Dig Out

Are you tired of that low basement that always feels just a little bit creepy, isn’t really usable, and seems dirty and musty when someone is forced to enter it? Maybe it’s time for you to consider a basement dig out project. You can turn that dirty, musty space into a full-functioning finished basement. 

Basement dig out projects are great for extending a crawl space, finishing a basement, raising a basement’s height, or even adding a basement to an existing property. We know what you’re thinking: Is this possible in my home and will it be really expensive?   The truth is that this process can be done in a variety of spaces and basements and it can be completed in less time than most people think. In addition the costs tend to be less than a major addition that provides an equivalent amount of space. And there are many other  benefits to consider as well. 

If you’ve been thinking about transforming that space beneath your house into a usable, functional area that you can love rather than loathe, keep reading to learn more about the process.

What is a Basement Dig Out?

Much like the name suggests, a basement dig out is the process of excavating beneath your home to create a living space. 

During the excavation process, equipment is used to dig out all of the dirt, rock, and debris, effectively creating a basement space. Whether you’re looking at new construction or expanding beneath an existing home, this process can work. 

When referring to a basement dig out, we usually mean the creation of a  deeper basement beneath an existing home. Typically in the Northeast, homes were built with basements that were primarily used as a way to keep items cool before the invention of refrigeration. Today, this valuable space can be used in so many ways. However, those basements were not originally dug deep enough to allow for livable space. That’s where a basement dig out comes into play. 

What are the Benefits of a Basement Dig Out?

There are several benefits to digging a basement out. Check these benefits out. 

1. Storage Space

Our homes just never has enough closets and storage space. You can minimize all you want, but it always seems like we need more storage. Rental storage units are more popular than ever because of interests and hobbies that include everything from ski gear to surf boards, bikes to canoes, and much more. People purchase a lot of large and valuable objects and need a safe place to store them. If this sounds like you, it’s important to know a basement addition could help provide you the storage you need right in your own home.  

2. Cool Space in the Summer

Need to beat the heat? Some locations have extra hot summers that can really wear on a person. Air conditioning systems might struggle to keep up, especially if you have many hot days in a row. A basement addition could provide you a cooler place that naturally stays fresh and comfortable in the summer months. 

3. In-Law or Guest Suite

Never have enough space when guests come to stay? Maybe grandparents or in-laws visit from out of town and you need somewhere they can spend time in their own space. Whether you have visiting relatives or other guests, having the extra rooms or a suite could help keep you all sane while they are there. 

4. Extra Bathroom and Bedrooms

It’s a great way to add some extra bedrooms or an extra bathroom to your home. When you run out of bedrooms, you have to force kiddos to share and sometimes thatis just not ideal. We already touched on the possibility of a guest suite, but you might need that extra space for your household as well. 

5. Home Office

In a post-Covid world, many people are transitioning to working from home more. If this is you, a home office space can be incredibly beneficial. You need somewhere quiet where you can step away and get work done. This could be just that for you. 

6. Entertainment or Theater Room

Set up a space where everyone can go to hang out. You can set up a theater space or a fun gaming space. You could probably even do both if you want to! This will be the ultimate hang-out spot for family time and friendly gatherings. 

7. No Need to Move! 

If you’ve been dreading the thought of moving but you desperately need more space, a basement dig out could be the solution. If you love your home or your neighborhood, you do not have to move. Try a basement dig out instead. 

8. Increased Home Value

Finally, adding square footage always improves your home’s value. In this case, you’re adding a basement, which is often a desirable aspect of a home. This will definitely have a positive impact on your home’s value in the event that you do need to sell in the future. 

Things to Consider Before Deciding on a Basement Dig Out

Now that you know the benefits, there are some things to keep in mind. Remember that this can be a costly project so before you jump in, consider alternatives and the details that might affect the success of your project. 

How Much Can I Spend?

You likely have budget constraints that will impact the project. Know what your budget is and work with a professional to determine whether they can accomplish what you need within your budget range. 

Is There Room to Expand Elsewhere?

If you have land available, it may be feasible to build an addition to your home. Or you can build up over a garage. These types of options should always be considered first. A basement dig out is a great idea if you want to do something that is minimally invasive, leaving you the freedom to remain  in your home while the work is being done, and will not take a lot of time.  

Is My Basement Wet or Dry?

If you have moisture issues, you’re going to need to figure out what is causing them before you decide to move forward. During a basement dig out, groundwater tables are always a factor, so a drain system may be necessary to ensure the basement stays dry. 

How Close Are the Neighbors & Is there Room for the Equipment?

We are not worried about pesky neighbors with this question, but rather whether there is room to support the work. Dig downs are actually most popular in dense areas like Cambridge and Somerville where land is so valuable the only way to add space is through the basement. Using micro excavation techniques, we are able to complete these complicated jobs even on quite small lots with limited space. We always need to ensure that a company truck has available parking and we are able to work with local municipalities to arrange for a reserved parking space in busy downtown areas.

What is the Elevation of Your Sewer Lines?

Finally, consider the sewer lines and where they are. Their placement may require additional plumbing or drainage needs that must be addressed during your digging process. This is a question that our professionals can help you deal with. 

Drycrete Waterproofing Can Help With Your Basement Dig Out

There are a lot of factors to consider with a basement dig out. However, many times the pros do outweigh the cons. Measure the details and consider how it will affect you overall. This is a highly skilled and specialized process that requires expertise and experience. This is not the type of project that can be considered DIY. It is better to leave a basement dig out to the pros. Drycrete Waterproofing has been in the basement business for more than 30 years. 

Contact us today to discuss your basement plans and any questions you may have.