The Long-Term Effects of Neglecting Foundation Wall Crack Repair

Your foundation walls form the very stability of your structure. If the walls become weak, eventually they could fail. This is why it’s critical to ensure that you take care of your walls properly with wall crack repair and other waterproofing measures and maintenance needs. 

This isn’t just about fixing an unsightly crack; it’s also about protecting the integrity of your structure and making it last for many years to come. In this guide, we will discuss the long-term effects of neglecting foundation wall crack repairs, signs that you might have foundation problems, and who to call to get repairs handled. 

Short-Term Effects of Neglecting Foundation Wall Crack Repairs

It is best to take care of cracks in the foundation walls right away. The sooner you get them resolved, the better and more protected your foundation will be. There will be noticeable side effects, both long-term and short-term. But if you tackle the cracks when you see the short-term issues, you may be able to avoid more extensive damages. 

When you notice a crack, get it taken care of right away. There are some DIY solutions that you can use for short-term protection until you can bring in a professional. 

These are the most common short-term effects of neglecting your foundation crack repairs:

  • Water seepage 
  • Dampness
  • Water damage
  • Mold growth
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Unwanted pests

A crack in your foundation is an open invitation for water. Not only can water squeeze through the smallest of cracks, but you might also find things like insects or spiders entering your home. 

Moisture can cause damage and odors to occur. This leads to water damage, mold and mildew, odors from the mold and mildew, and dampness in places that should be dry. 

Long-Term Effects of Neglecting Foundation Wall Crack Repairs

While the short-term effects are worrisome and certainly a nuisance, the long-term effects can contribute to damaging your structure and can eventually make your residence unsafe in many different ways. It’s no longer just about excessive moisture, but about the structural integrity of the building. 

The long-term side effects of neglecting foundation wall crack repair are:

  • Cracks worsen over time
  • Extensive water damage
  • Structural damage
  • Uneven floors
  • Bowing and buckling walls
  • Insect infestations
  • Property value decreases
  • Collapse of structure

Over time, those foundation cracks are going to become more extensive, which means they will also be more costly to repair. If left untreated, your foundation could eventually collapse. 

When cracks become horizontal instead of vertical, they require specialized engineers. This is a sign that quick action must be taken to protect your home. 

Why People Neglect Foundation Wall Crack Repairs

Most of the time, people neglect these repairs because they are afraid of what it will cost. But even when cost is an issue, it’s far more affordable to handle the repairs while they are a minor problem. If you’re concerned about the cost of a small problem, it will be even worse as the issue gets more significant. 

In some cases, people simply aren’t aware they have an issue until it becomes a major problem. It’s not that they don’t care about their home; it’s more that they weren’t aware of the issue or how severe it was. 

In other cases, homeowners may be misinformed and not think those cracks are really that big of a deal. But this is an incorrect assumption. 

When you put off getting repairs for your home, they will ultimately become more expensive. It is prudent to hire a professional to inspect, assess, and determine the best way to make repairs so that your home can be safe and sound for many years to come. 

Common Signs That You Have Foundation Problems

If you’re wondering whether or not you have foundation problems, there are some common signs that might help you pinpoint the issue. If you notice any of the following, take action now to protect your home:

  • Cracks in the basement/foundation wall and floors
  • Cracks in your drywall
  • Gaps between doors or windows and the wall
  • Parts of the structure feel like they are sinking
  • Counters and cabinets separating from the walls
  • Warping floors and ceilings
  • Musty odors
  • Excessively damp basement or crawlspace
  • Bowing walls

It is critical that you work with a professional to get repairs done and make your structure safe again. 

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