Drycrete Waterproofing Blog

At Drycrete Waterproofing we believe in giving homeowners the tools to make informed decisions about the safety, longevity, and value of their property. We know that at times water management around your home can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The goal of this blog is to pull back the curtain on everything waterproofing and basement contracting so you never have to wonder why your basement is wet again.
When pouring your foundation walls a large amount of highly compacted soil is excavated. Soil is then filled in around your basement walls but this process can cause what's known as a false water table.
A leaky basement window caused by a window well filling with water can be frustrating to deal with. This article will guide you through how to assess the problem and solve it for good.
Waterproofing your home's foundation from the exterior is a comprehensive multi-step process. Understanding how it works will help you make informed decisions on your home's longevity.
Whether your dealing with seepage, wicking, cracking, or heaving we'll help you solve your basement concrete slab waterproofing issues.
Basement leaks resulting from foundation cracks present two viable repair options: DIY interior basement crack repair or professional exterior basement crack repair.
Buying a house is a significant investment. It’s important to understand potential warning signs and the story they tell.
Iron ochre is a naturally occurring substance that leads to the formation of a gelatinous iron slime. This is one of the many things that we inspect during annual maintenance.
Sump pumps are crucial for homeowners who want to keep their basements dry and safeguard against potential flooding.
A home owner in Hingham, MA was looking to transform his basement into a golf simulator. The results were nothing short of incredible!