Case Study: Transforming a Basement Into a Golf Simulator

A homeowner in Hingham, MA called into the Drycrete office interested in gaining more information on lowering a section of his basement. Jason, one of the owners of Drycrete Waterproofing and an experienced technician was scheduled for a site assessment.

Upon talking to the owner, Jason learned that he was looking to add a golf simulator to his already finished basement. This would require a 16 by 20 foot area of basement to be carefully excavated to a depth of about 1.5 to 2 feet.

Drycrete got started on the plans right away and from his initial call at the start of August Drycrete’s crew was able to break ground on the project 2 months later.

The first step was to saw cut the tiles in a 16.5 by 23 foot section, being careful not to damage the tile as they would remain in the finished basement.

Next the crew had to break up the concrete and dig down roughly 33 inches to attain the desired height. Drycrete will be pouring the new concrete slab 4 inches think over a 2 inch bed of crushed stone so that was accounted for in the plans.

Then the crew poured a 36 inch high shelf footing to hold back the existing soil on 3 of the 4 sides.

The last step was to pour the 2 inches of ¾ inch crushed stone to attain proper drainage and prevent the slab from contacting wet subgrade material. Over that, a 4 inch concrete slab was poured and the area was ready for the golf simulator. Lets just say the results were amazing!!

If you have a basement project like this one, Drycrete can help! It’s our mission to ensure you are well informed and taken care of from the time you make your first call, until long after the job is done. We take great pride in the quality of our work and always find a way to make what others label as impossible happen.

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