The Risks of DIY Sump Pump Repair

A sump pump is one of the most essential pieces of equipment, particularly in homes or businesses that have a basement. These pumps are designed to help navigate water away from your foundation, effectively preventing flooding issues that leave you with massive cleanup and water damage. 

When it comes to sump pump repairs, the best thing that you can do is hire a professional. Not only are there safety concerns with DIY repairs, but these are complicated systems and it’s easy to mess something up or fail to repair it correctly. In this guide, we will explore the dangers of DIY repairs and review the benefits of using a professional instead. 

Common DIY Sump Pump Repair Mistakes

While you might think that a YouTube video qualifies you to do your own sump pump repairs, there are some things to be aware of. It’s all too easy to make a mistake that could lead to much bigger problems, or even ruin your pump completely. 

When you hire a professional, they typically will guarantee their work. You don’t have any such guarantee when you do it yourself. 

These are some of the most common mistakes that occur when carrying out DIY sump pump repairs:

  • Unplugging the sump pump and failed to plug it back in
  • Failing to check the position of the check valve arrow
  • Allowing debris to find its way into the pump
  • Failing to inspect the associated wiring of the pump
  • Breaking discharge pump on the system
  • Not following testing protocols
  • Covering up the sump pump

These common mistakes could lead to major issues. In addition, they will prevent the pump from working properly. 

Risks of DIY Sump Pump Repair

While mistakes are easy to make, there are also risks to be aware of. The most dangerous risk is accidental electrical shock. The last thing you want to do is put yourself or your household at risk, so be mindful of the potential risks and protect yourself against them. 

Other risks involved with DIY sump pump repair are:

  • You can’t guarantee your own work, which leaves you susceptible to errors and damages that might cost you financially. 
  • What if the videos aren’t really accurate? 
  • Safety hazards, specifically with electricity
  • Risk of structural damage if something goes wrong or the repairs are not made correctly
  • Major water damage from malfunctions
  • Causing more expensive repair requirements

How much do you know about your sump pump? While you might be able to do some basic troubleshooting and even the routine maintenance needed for the pump, it’s all too easy to make a mistake or forget a step and leave yourself and your home at risk. 

The smallest error could lead to extensive water damage or even structural damage to your home. 

Benefits of Professional Sump Pump Repair

Hiring a professional for sump pump installation and repair can make a huge difference in ensuring good results. Professionals are trained and experienced for just this type of thing, and if something goes wrong, they are the ones on the hook for it in most cases. 

You should depend on the professionals for routine sump pump maintenance, sump pump installation, and any necessary sump pump repairs as well. When you have the sump pump serviced regularly, you put yourself at less risk of needing repairs. 

The top 3 benefits of using a professional include the following: 

1. Total Waterproofing Solution

A professional can determine whether your sump pump is sufficient or if you need to consider some additional or alternative solutions. Waterproofing companies will assess the complete picture of your situation and ensure your home is properly protected. 

2. Avoid Major Problems

Using a professional can ensure that repairs are properly made before anything goes terribly wrong. They can make sure necessary maintenance is performed and that you don’t need more extensive system repairs or replacement. 

3. Professionals Guarantee Their Work

Professionals guarantee their work. If your sump pump is having issues, try contacting the company that installed it. If it is within their warranty or guarantee period, they may be able to fix it for free or at a reduced cost. The professionals don’t take their jobs lightly in this regard. 

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